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School Subject Project Amount Date
Alachua Elementary School Stem Digital Cameras for Student Design and Creation $260.00 6/04/16
Alachua Elementary School Stem Makey-Makey STEM Fun for Media Center $99.90 6/04/16
Eastside High School Mathematics Lumens DC192 Ladibug Document Camera (technology in classroom) $854.98 7/29/16
Eastside High School Mathematics Creating Dual Monitor System In the Classroom $229.99 7/29/16
Eastside High School Mathematics Wireless Keyboard for Math classroom $19.99 7/29/16
Eastside High School Mathematics Wireless Mouse for Math Classroom $29.99 7/29/16
Eastside High School Other Helping at-risk students graduate high school $790.00 8/22/16
Eastside High School Mathematics Math Nation practice for Geometry and Algebra 2 students $1,500.00 8/22/16
Eastside High School Other Presenting and Learning at the ACTFL Convention $1,428.06 9/28/16
Eastside High School Technology Building an Epic Lego Wall for STEAM activities $520.36 8/24/16
Eastside High School Language Arts Reading $851.20 8/25/16
Eastside High School Other Resource Corner $150.00 10/11/16
Eastside High School Other World Language French IB $500.00 9/14/16
Eastside High School Other Pre-Collegiate College Tour(s) $1,457.82 10/11/16
Eastside High School Language Arts Advancing Literacy through Collaborative Book Groups $541.43 8/31/16
Eastside High School Science Practical Physics Up Close $250.00 9/15/16
Finley Elementary School Other G.O.A.L.S. "Go On And Live Spectacularly" $260.00 8/30/16
Foster Elementary School Other Classroom Carpet for First Graders
funded grant
Glen Springs Elementary School Language Arts Book Racks for Candy Land! $99.95 8/26/16
Howard Bishop Middle School Special Needs Students APPly Yourself! $120.00 8/13/16
Idylwild Elementary School Other Comfy Couch $398.00 8/10/16
Irby Elementary School Language Arts Reading from A to Z $346.03 9/15/16
Lake Forest Elementary School Other CELF-5 Assessment Grant $699.00 8/23/16
Lake Forest Elementary School Language Arts Racial Representation in Literacy $303.00 8/11/16
Littlewood Elementary School Special Needs Students Printer Toner Pretty Please! $190.78 5/31/16
Littlewood Elementary School Special Needs Students Active Seating for Learning $659.00 5/31/16
Metcalfe Elementary School Health/P.E. Teacher Led P.E. Sports Equipment
funded grant
Newberry Elementary School Art The Art of the iPad to create a colorful classroom $1,326.00 9/26/16
Newberry Elementary School Art Students Creating and Capturing Morning Announcements $76.50 9/26/16
Newberry Elementary School Music Turning Trash into Technology $658.00 9/29/16
Newberry Elementary School Science Hands on learning in Science/Let's visit the zoo and planetarium! $550.00 8/13/16
Newberry High School Stem Geographic Positioning Systems and Geographic Information Systems
funded grant
Newberry High School Stem VEX EDR Robotics Parts and Materials $196.00 9/28/16
Shell Elementary School Health/P.E. Grant Request for Athletic Equipment $0.00 8/12/16
Shell Elementary School Special Needs Students iNtegrating iPads for iNcreased iNspiration and iNformation $558.00 8/23/16
Talbot Elementary School Other Talbot Tigers PBIS and PAWS $1,330.00 8/13/16
Terwilliger Elementary School Other Help us explore the world through our Classroom Library! $344.23 7/28/16
Terwilliger Elementary School Other 2nd Graders NEED an area rug and seating to build a classroom community $249.71 9/04/16


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