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School Subject Project Amount Date
Westwood Middle School History Look It Up! $1,500.00 3/07/14
Eastside High School Language Arts Take Home ACT study books $365.20 2/27/14
Eastside High School Other Spanish in action $1,396.00 1/31/14
Loften High School Other Spanish Games $427.98 12/11/13
Hidden Oak Elementary School Social Studies Fancy Pencil Project $385.00 11/19/13
Eastside High School Other I Want To Go To College: Removing Barriers to College $1,000.00 11/07/13
Gainesville High School Science Groundwater Exploration Activity Model $599.95 11/01/13
Gainesville High School Science Microscope Slides for Tissue and Cell Investigations $904.40 11/01/13
Ft. Clarke Middle School Music Bring Annie to Ft. Clarke Middle School! $1,163.45 10/28/13
Irby Elementary School Language Arts Using Notable Children's Literature to Cultivate a Love of Books $451.57 10/23/13
Waldo Elementary School Mathematics Math Games to help 3rd graders $257.86 10/21/13
Gainesville High School Mathematics Calculators for Kiddos $1,460.00 10/09/13
Newberry High School Language Arts Books, Books, Books! $205.91 10/02/13
Loften High School Mathematics Scientific Calculators to Help Low Level Math Students Succeed in Algebra $425.00 10/01/13
Eastside High School Other Sit down, please! $1,447.16 9/28/13
Gainesville High School Mathematics Document Camera $237.50 9/24/13
Terwilliger Elementary School Art Life Science & Language Arts Studies in Clay... $520.80 9/23/13
Archer Elementary School Technology iUse Technology in the Classroom $1,276.00 9/23/13
Williams Elementary School Science There's An App For That: Enriching STEM Education with iPods $1,152.00 9/22/13
High Springs Community School Science Spot on Science $499.00 9/20/13
High Springs Community School Science Soaring through Science $499.99 9/20/13
High Springs Community School Science Super Scientists $499.00 9/20/13
Williams Elementary School Art Recycle the Rainbow and much more! $274.00 9/19/13
Terwilliger Elementary School Language Arts Improving Reading Scores Through Data Chats $703.98 9/19/13
Talbot Elementary School Language Arts Listening to Literature $1,250.00 9/19/13
Meadowbrook Elementary School Special Needs Students Time to Explore $1,446.92 9/12/13
Loften High School Social Studies Honors History Class Set: Genghis Khan & the Making of the Modern World $170.00 9/12/13
Waldo Elementary School Other Technology to Enhance Counseling and Parent Communication $797.00 9/12/13
Wiles Elementary School Language Arts Reading and Writing Items all from the 2013-2014 Lakeshore Cataloge $348.96 9/11/13
Loften High School Language Arts Recreational Readers $225.00 9/11/13
Kanapaha Middle School Other Smart Response $799.00 9/08/13
Newberry Elementary School Science Vegetation Fascination $1,429.23 9/07/13
Newberry High School Science Understanding the Chemistry in Healthy Aquatic Systems $1,500.00 9/06/13
Newberry Elementary School Technology Technology in the Inclusive Classroom $727.99 9/05/13
Talbot Elementary School Language Arts Funding the Magic $675.00 9/05/13
Westwood Middle School Language Arts Tutoring booksets $150.00 9/05/13
Newberry Elementary School Other Less Stress and Greater Success! $164.79 9/05/13
Terwilliger Elementary School Special Needs Students Experiencing Science Through Our Senses $481.98 9/04/13
Littlewood Elementary School Special Needs Students Tech Talk $1,182.00 9/03/13
Metcalfe Elementary School Language Arts Core Workout! $1,487.66 9/01/13
Waldo Elementary School Other Positive Behavior Supports $750.00 8/28/13
Waldo Elementary School Other Attendance and Academic Motivation for Struggling Students $1,000.00 8/28/13
Eastside High School Other Cooking & Volunteering with Ronald McDonald House $1,000.00 8/26/13
Newberry High School Other Culinary Creations Cafe $1,075.00 8/26/13
Alachua Elementary School Language Arts Taking a Closer look at Learning $475.00 8/23/13
Foster Elementary School Language Arts A Book Now and Then Is Every 4th Graders Best Friend $1,075.00 8/22/13
Mebane Middle School Science Science of Superheroes $1,400.00 8/22/13
Mebane Middle School Science Saving the eyes of the future $1,072.50 8/22/13
Newberry Elementary School Art Mini clay slab roller $300.00 8/22/13
Waldo Elementary School Language Arts The Show Must Go On...And We Must Go! $720.00 8/22/13
Metcalfe Elementary School Language Arts Kinder-Kore: Common Core Resources for Kindergarten $1,454.95 8/22/13
Wiles Elementary School Language Arts Listening Center $79.95 8/21/13
Waldo Elementary School Music New Contra Bass Bars $764.90 8/21/13
Foster Elementary School Health/P.E. Foster Fitness $326.00 8/21/13
Foster Elementary School Music Music Composer Statues $150.00 8/21/13


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