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Individuals, organizations and businesses are encouraged to invest in the creativity of a teacher to bring amazing learning experiences to their students. To get started, simply click on a grant below to view the details and fund online.


School Subject Project Amount Date Deadline
East Lake Middle School Academy of Engineering Stem ACH- Robotics, Using Technology in the Classroom $987.00 9/19/17
Woodlawn Elementary Technology Stylus pens to use with IPAD's $539.49 7/17/17
Tyrone Middle School Science Tyrone’s Science Classroom need for assessment, remediation and research to increase rigor and provide instant feedback on learning $941.93 8/23/17
Immokalee High Language Arts "A Rose By Any Other Name": Blooming Shakespearean Drama in the Classroom $136.00 12/08/17
Champion Elementary Other "Beary" Good Attendance Program $949.49 8/22/17
Golden Terrace Elementary Primary Technology "Code Fun" Techie Media Makerspace $456.00 8/22/17
Golden Terrace Elementary Intermediate Special Needs Students "Home of the You Can Toucans" $1,139.96 8/23/17
Corkscrew Elementary Language Arts "ipad" a great day being a responsible, innovative, creative, engaged, reflective learner. $1,870.00 9/03/17
Rimes Early Learning Center and Literacy Center Language Arts "Make Early Literacy Happen" $4,841.00 9/24/17
Seminole Springs Elementary Language Arts "Phun" and "Phascinating" Phonics! $2,346.00 8/28/17
Galaxy Middle Science "Pilot"ing our way to New Communication Frontiers $700.00 7/24/17
Sugar Mill Elementary Music "Rock the Earth": Students Learn about Weathering and Erosion through Music $425.00 9/05/17
Lake Park Elementary Language Arts "Students Choose, Beyond the Basal Book; Creating a League of Legendary Readers" $1,600.00 8/28/17
Sugar Mill Elementary Music "Thinking with Sounds" : Using music to develop an understanding of Einstein's Theory of Relativity $395.20 8/26/17
DeLand High Stem "What is the STEM of Earth/ Space Science" $999.97 7/07/17
Longstreet Elementary Music "Wooden" It Be Nice - Using wooden percussion instruments to increase music reading and oral fluency in the music classroom and provide opportunities for music composition. $398.88 9/04/17
Bardmoor Elementary School Technology 1:1 kindle lab $1,069.78 9/21/17
Safety Harbor Elementary School Special Needs Students 2018 General & Special Education Conference $1,599.00 11/27/17
McNicol Middle Stem 3D Printer $1,414.00 9/29/16
Pine Jog Elementary Stem 3D Printer $1,750.00 1/25/18
Boca Ciega High School Technology 3D Printer for Student Robotics Club $2,717.65 12/12/17
Immokalee Middle Engineering 3D Printing for Models & Improved Practice $1,071.32 9/27/17
Dixie Hollins High School Technology 3D Sculpting for the Classroom $12,950.00 9/28/17
Gause Acad. Other 6Ps for Success School wide Dog Tag Program $500.00 9/30/16
Winston Elem. Language Arts A Little Wiggle Room Allowed $280.00 9/18/16
Southwestern Middle Other A Picture Tells 1000 Words: Building Classroom Community $208.60 8/23/17
Norton Elementary School Other A Place For Everyone $1,841.94 8/09/17
Palmetto Ridge High Other A Quest for Sound $1,761.72 8/11/17
Pinellas Park High School Stem ACH $500.00 9/20/17
Ridgecrest Elementary School Stem ACH - Earn and Learn $1,000.00 9/20/17
Leila G. Davis Elementary School Mathematics ACH - Learning Earnings $1,000.00 8/15/17
Dixie Hollins High School Language Arts ACH - Let them see their names in print! $1,000.00 8/23/17
Countryside High School Music ACH - Talent Show Event Management $900.00 9/18/17
Dixie Hollins High School Social Studies ACH Economics Supplment $881.22 9/19/17
Safety Harbor Middle School Science ACH Sand Dune Restoration $996.00 9/20/17
Seminole High School Stem ACH- 3D Printer for Prototyping & Robotics $999.00 9/20/17
Seminole High School Other ACH- Celebrating the Success of our OJT Students $960.00 8/14/17
Campbell Park Elementary School Other ACH- Classroom Supplies $683.99 8/11/17
Sawgrass Lake Elementary School Other ACH- College Pennants $300.00 8/19/17
Clearview Adult Education Center Other ACH- Diplomas and more $990.00 9/01/17
Douglas L. Jamerson Elementary School Other ACH- Investing in Students Today for Better Returns Tomorrow $995.00 9/20/17
Ridgecrest Elementary School Other ACH- Mud Kitchen $949.90 9/20/17
Leila G. Davis Elementary School Technology ACH- Never Too Young For Financial Literacy part 2! $997.96 9/03/17
Lakewood High School Other ACH- Saltwater Tank Setup $1,000.00 9/18/17
Nina Harris Special Needs Students ACH-Achieving more through hands on learning $305.00 9/18/17
Lealman Innovation Academy Other ACH-Count up the Cost $1,000.00 9/15/17
Calvin A. Hunsinger Special Needs Students ACH-Literacy in Action $1,000.00 9/20/17
High Point Elementary School Language Arts ACH-Reading to Comprehend Financial Literacy $698.88 8/21/17
Safety Harbor Middle School Science ACH-Severe Weather Plan and Shelter $998.97 9/19/17
Calvin A. Hunsinger Special Needs Students ACH-The Dolphin Book Club Con't $1,000.00 9/20/17
Lealman Innovation Academy Other ACH_Financially Fit- Positive Behavior Support (PBS) $588.00 8/14/17
Seminole High School Music Advancement Through Music $3,975.00 3/02/14
Atlantic TECHNICAL College & Technical HIGH SCHOOL Social Studies AP Psychology Disorders Classification & Understanding $1,293.50 12/15/14
Union Academy Technology Apples to Apples $489.80 9/02/16
Bok Academy Stem Arduino Starter Kits for Programming and Engineering $476.91 8/27/16
SAWGRASS SPRINGS MIDDLE Other Arts and Crafts of Storytelling $930.00 7/30/13
Campbell Park Elementary School Other Arts and Crafts Supplies $247.00 3/03/17
Eagles Landing Middle Special Needs Students ASD Safe Spaces $7,737.85 2/06/18
Turie T. Small Elementary Other Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow $498.80 9/07/17
Veterans Memorial Elementary Language Arts Author! Author! $1,095.71 9/25/17
Bay Point Middle School Other AVID Field Trip to Full Sail University $700.00 2/20/18
Clearwater Intermediate Science “Duke Power4Students Project – Hands On Exploration Trip $5,000.00 3/12/18
Barron Collier High Technology BCHS Live-Stream Crew $1,939.97 10/05/17
Windy Hill Middle Music Be "Instrumental" in our Band! $10,886.48 9/04/17
Vineyards Elementary Language Arts Be witching reads $211.75 8/11/17
Sugar Mill Elementary Technology Bee Bots for Fluency $125.00 6/12/17
Whispering Pines EDUCATION CENTER Special Needs Students BEHIND THE CHARMS $298.96 1/26/15
Vineyards Elementary Language Arts Big Friendly Great reads $190.50 8/11/17
Howard Bishop Middle School Other Bishop Bugle News Needs Your Help $1,106.96 8/23/17
Blanche Ely HIGH Technology Blanche Ely High School Ten80 NSL Racing Challenge $43.96 5/06/15
Dixie Hollins High School Technology Blast off into the next generation of t-shirt designs and marketing $723.00 10/08/16
Winter Haven HS Stem Blood Typing Lesson $491.45 8/26/16
FLAMINGO ELEMENTARY Art Blooming Artists $315.70 1/26/17
Boca Ciega High School Stem Boca Ciega Robotic Arms $1,104.75 3/13/18
Bok Academy Stem Bok Makerspace $474.99 8/26/16
Oak View Middle School Language Arts Boogie on Down with Boogie Boards $359.85 9/07/17
Hollywood Academy of Arts & Science Middle Language Arts Books for Book Club $115.00 9/15/16
Lake Park Elementary Language Arts Books for Our Growing Noggins $727.20 7/27/17
Lake Park Elementary Technology Boosting Achievement and Confidence with Tech Tools $995.00 9/05/17
Kathleen HS Social Studies Bored Games?!? $227.19 9/29/16
Eagles Landing Middle Other Brand New Drama Program $10,000.00 11/17/17
Calvin A. Hunsinger Special Needs Students Breakfast of (Behavior) Champions! $250.00 10/09/17
Immokalee High Language Arts Breaking the Literature Mold: Using the Novel Ship Breaker to Engage Students $308.00 8/24/17
Home Visit Other Bridging the Gap-One Home Visit at a Time $3,500.00 7/24/17
Deltona Middle Stem Bring it to Life!- Interactive Museum $1,000.00 6/16/17
Cleveland Court Elem. Music Bucket Drumline STEAM Project $400.00 9/22/16
Palmetto Ridge High Language Arts Building a Classroom Library $2,000.00 8/11/17
Discovery Academy of Science Stem Building Computers with Piper Kits $2,600.00 7/26/17
Gulf Coast Charter Academy South Stem Building Up STEM $782.87 8/07/17
Palm Harbor Community Other Bus Passes to Attend GED Classes at Palm Harbor Community School $2,000.00 10/27/17
Pine Trail Elementary Special Needs Students Busy Bodies- Meeting needs of at Risk Students in the beginning Stimulating Sensory Motor Skills to Improve Proprioceptive Senses-Serve All Kindergarten Students and Specifically At Risk Learners - ADHD, Unfocused & Behaviorally Challenged Children $629.43 8/22/17
Naples Park Elementary Language Arts But wait....there's more! $460.00 8/31/17
Eden Park Elementary Science Butterflies and Botanists $280.00 7/15/17
Sea Gate Elementary Language Arts Buy the Book $1,500.00 8/24/17
Meadowlawn Middle School Language Arts By adding a kindle, you're adding another teacher. $200.00 6/07/17
Forest Lakes Elementary School Special Needs Students Calm and Ready to Learn $1,174.94 10/18/17
CYPRESS ELEMENTARY Language Arts Can't Stop E-Reading! $379.96 4/14/14
Deltona Middle Stem Caves, Papers, Walls and Ceilings Oh My! $499.00 9/08/17
East Ridge High Mathematics Ceiling Mount Projector $916.06 6/29/17
Union Academy Art Celebration Of Life $496.89 9/30/16
Palmetto Ridge High Science Chemical Glass Etching - Chemical or Physical Change?
funded grant
Sunrise Elementary Other Chess - a gateway to academic and personal growth $398.00 6/12/17
Spruce Creek High Music Choral Sheet Music $750.00 6/05/17
Christa McAuliffe Middle Mathematics Chromebooks for Intellectually Disabled and Autistic students $2,100.00 2/28/18
Clearwater High School Social Studies Civil Rights Tour $3,000.00 8/18/17
Pine Jog Elementary Language Arts Class set of iPads - The Paperless Classroom Project $9,756.00 1/30/18
Pinellas Park Middle School Special Needs Students Classic Balance Ball Chair $1,279.84 9/04/17
Pinecrest Elementary Language Arts Classroom iPads $1,960.00 9/02/17
Lena Vista Elem. Language Arts Classroom Library $250.00 9/21/16
Pinecrest Elementary Other Classroom Supplies $100.00 9/02/17
Panther Run Elementary Mathematics Classroom supplies $1,000.00 12/19/17
Mike Davis Elementary Technology Classroom Technology for 21st Century Learners $1,459.95 8/23/17
Woodlawn Elementary Other Coca Cola (Gender Gap Initiative) $12,500.00 1/26/18
Naples Park Elementary Stem Coding and Creating in the Classroom $448.99 8/27/17
Avalon Elementary Science Coding our way around Avalon Elementary! $592.82 8/26/17
Lake Trafford Elementary Stem Coding Techies $1,820.00 9/21/17
Eden Park Elementary Stem Coding with Dash and Dot $960.00 7/01/17
Deltona Middle Art Color Up Our Campus Culture $495.00 9/06/17
Indian River Elementary Language Arts