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Individuals, organizations and businesses are encouraged to invest in the creativity of a teacher to bring amazing learning experiences to their students. To get started, simply click on a grant below to view the details and fund online.


School Subject Project Amount Date Deadline
Gibbs High School Social Studies ACH - Blogonomics - Teaching Our Community & Reaching Beyond The Classroom $1,044.52 9/13/16
Woodlawn Elementary Technology Stylus pens to use with IPAD's $999.00 3/16/17
Lakewood High School Special Needs Students "ACH - Financial Literacy" $1,000.00 9/15/16
Leila G. Davis Elementary School Technology "IPAD" ING TOWARDS CREATIVE EXPRESSION PART TWO $1,405.18 8/25/15
Hamilton Disston Other 1 two door metal storage cabinets $313.99 12/08/16
East Lake High School Other 21st Century World Language Learning Requires Technology! $31,899.99 9/30/16
Terwilliger Elementary School Other 2nd Graders NEED an area rug and seating to build a classroom community $166.36 9/04/16
McNicol Middle Stem 3D Printer $1,414.00 9/29/16
Metcalfe Elementary School Art 5th Grade Safety Patrols and Sponsor $1,500.00 12/15/16
Gause Acad. Other 6Ps for Success School wide Dog Tag Program $500.00 9/30/16
Dixie Hollins High School Stem A Business Plan and Balance Sheet to Compete $1,000.00 9/18/16
Winston Elem. Language Arts A Little Wiggle Room Allowed $280.00 9/18/16
Dunedin High School Other ACH $375.00 8/12/15
Lealman Avenue Elementary School Other ACH $0.00 9/14/16
Fuguitt Elementary School Special Needs Students ACH - Banking on the 3 B's $999.85 9/13/16
PTC - St. Petersburg Campus Mathematics ACH - Closing the Acievement GAP $552.00 8/15/16
Leila G. Davis Elementary School Technology ACH - HAVE IPADS, WILL EXPLORE! $746.00 9/13/16
Seminole Elementary School Mathematics ACH - Kids Banking 101 $707.96 9/04/16
Leila G. Davis Elementary School Mathematics ACH - Learning Earnings $1,000.00 8/11/16
Sutherland Elementary School Mathematics ACH -Math Made Easy $1,000.00 9/17/16
Cross Bayou Elementary School Mathematics ACH School Store $1,000.00 9/19/16
Osceola Fundamental High School Other ACH- $4,000.00 9/16/16
Dunedin Highland Middle School Other ACH- Intensive Reading Class Field Trip $1,000.00 9/07/16
Safety Harbor Middle School Social Studies ACH- Connect Civics Students to Financial Literacy using iPads $999.39 9/21/16
High Point Elementary School Other ACH- Educating Excellence with Classroom Economies! $694.80 8/11/16
Pinellas Central Elementary School Other ACH- F.I.S.C.A.L.- Fantastic Intelligent Students Calculating A Life of financial responsibility. $1,000.00 9/04/16
Leila G. Davis Elementary School Technology ACH- Have iPads, will explore! $746.00 9/12/16
Lake St. George Elementary School Language Arts ACH- iPads for Literacy Centers $799.96 9/18/16
Tyrone Middle School Science ACH- K.I.T. Kids Integrating Technology $749.85 8/10/16
Leila G. Davis Elementary School Technology ACH- Never too young for Financial Literacy part 2! $998.00 9/21/16
Orange Grove Elementary School Technology ACH-A Historical View of Earning Money $947.94 9/19/16
Curlew Creek Elementary School Language Arts ACH-Achieve Literacy Footprints $1,000.00 9/16/16
Paul B. Stephens Mathematics ACH-OT helps with Money $1,058.49 9/15/16
Leila G. Davis Elementary School Mathematics ACH-Our Classroom Economy $805.00 9/19/16
Paul B. Stephens Mathematics ACH-Ready, Sit, Learn $1,194.72 9/15/16
John M. Sexton Elementary School Language Arts ACH-Second Grade Superheroes Ready to Soar $990.00 8/15/16
Littlewood Elementary School Special Needs Students Active Seating for Learning $659.00 5/31/16
Seminole High School Music Advancement Through Music $3,975.00 3/02/14
Eastside High School Language Arts Advancing Literacy through Collaborative Book Groups $216.43 8/31/16
Calvin A. Hunsinger Special Needs Students All You Need is Love... (and healthy nutrition!) $300.00 10/11/16
Callahan Intermediate Music Annie Jr. "The sun will come out tomorrow"... Can you hear me? $0.00 3/17/17
Boca Ciega High School Language Arts AP Lang & Comp $1,600.00 1/13/17
Atlantic TECHNICAL College & Technical HIGH SCHOOL Social Studies AP Psychology Disorders Classification & Understanding $1,293.50 12/15/14
Golden Gate Elementary Primary Technology Apples For Education
funded grant
Bay Vista Fundamental Elementary School Language Arts Apples for the Students $1,522.45 8/01/16
Union Academy Technology Apples to Apples $489.80 9/02/16
Howard Bishop Middle School Special Needs Students APPly Yourself! $120.00 8/13/16
Bok Academy Stem Arduino Starter Kits for Programming and Engineering $476.91 8/27/16
SAWGRASS SPRINGS MIDDLE Other Arts and Crafts of Storytelling $930.00 7/30/13
Campbell Park Elementary School Other Arts and Crafts Supplies $247.00 3/03/17
Horizon Elementary Art “CAP”turing Creativity and Soaring to New Horizons $371.28 8/30/16
High Point Elementary School Mathematics Banking for Nonreaders Complete Set (Book & set of 10 Check Packets) $395.89 3/24/17
Plumb Elementary School Mathematics Bear or Bull.....YOU decide!!! $223.92 9/27/15
Whispering Pines EDUCATION CENTER Special Needs Students BEHIND THE CHARMS $298.96 1/26/15
Osceola Fundamental High School Technology Bing-Bing the Apple $1,378.09 10/05/16
Belleair Elementary School Social Studies Black History Celebration $1,499.74 1/23/17
Blanche Ely HIGH Technology Blanche Ely High School Ten80 NSL Racing Challenge $43.96 5/06/15
Dixie Hollins High School Technology Blast off into the next generation of t-shirt designs and marketing $723.00 10/08/16
Winter Haven HS Stem Blood Typing Lesson $491.45 8/26/16
FLAMINGO ELEMENTARY Art Blooming Artists $315.70 1/26/17
Bok Academy Stem Bok Makerspace $474.99 8/26/16
Oldsmar Elementary School Special Needs Students Boogie with Reading and Math $239.90 11/02/16
Hollywood Academy of Arts & Science Middle Language Arts Books for Book Club $115.00 9/15/16
Kathleen HS Social Studies Bored Games?!? $227.19 9/29/16
Cleveland Court Elem. Music Bucket Drumline STEAM Project $400.00 9/22/16
East Lake Middle School Academy of Engineering Language Arts Building a Classroom Library for 7th Grade Language Arts $490.81 6/30/15
Joseph L. Carwise Middle School Other Business & Technology $500.00 9/08/16
Seminole High School Technology Business Technology Unit $750.00 8/19/16
Forest Lakes Elementary School Special Needs Students Calm and Ready to Learn $1,064.92 1/23/17
Orange Grove Elementary School Stem Campus Coders $950.22 6/28/16
CYPRESS ELEMENTARY Language Arts Can't Stop E-Reading! $379.96 4/14/14
Tarpon Springs High School Health/P.E. Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries $1,250.00 8/01/16
Union Academy Art Celebration Of Life $496.89 9/30/16
Lake Forest Elementary School Other CELF-5 Assessment Grant $699.00 8/23/16
Grassy Lake Elementary Other Centers, Centers, Everywhere! $620.00 4/04/16
Cross Bayou Elementary School Language Arts Changing a Community of Readers - Watch us grow! $3,500.00 1/11/16
Woodlawn Elementary Other Choice Seating for Succeeding $14,990.00 4/18/17
Clearwater High School Social Studies Civil Rights Tour $33,135.00 1/24/17
Anona Elementary School Language Arts Classroom Library $1,000.00 8/14/16
Lena Vista Elem. Language Arts Classroom Library $250.00 9/21/16
Emerald Coast Middle School Technology Click it for the exit ticket $390.00 2/15/17
Littlewood Elementary School Language Arts Climbing the Mountain! $84.90 10/26/16
Idylwild Elementary School Other Comfy Couch $398.00 8/10/16
Ramblewood Middle Other Commedia Del' Arte- Mask Project $638.92 9/19/16
Spook Hill Elem. Special Needs Students Community Workers Help Us Communicate! $271.72 9/26/16
Midtown Academy Mathematics Composition Notebooks for math journals $100.00 9/27/16
Palm Harbor University High School Technology Computer Science Apprentice Program $674.55 8/04/16
Winter Haven HS Other Computers to Achieve Results $499.80 9/21/16
Davenport Sch. Of Arts Art Connecting with the World Through Color Books $500.00 9/28/16
Fort Meade Mid./Sr. Science Contributors to the Carbon Cycle $327.75 9/01/16
Leila G. Davis Elementary School Other Cozy Reading Corner for Library Learners $1,979.79 3/23/17
Carver Middle Stem Creating Rainbows in the Classroom $401.75 4/23/15
Madeira Beach Middle School (K-8) Technology Daily 1:1 Apple classroom $1,000.00 3/07/16
Forest Lakes Elementary School Language Arts Developing Literacy Footprints $2,850.00 7/15/16
Alachua Elementary School Stem Digital Cameras for Student Design and Creation $210.00 6/04/16
SUNRISE MIDDLE Technology Digital Citizenship with a Scientific Spin! $750.00 7/30/13
Forest Lakes Elementary School Language Arts Discovering Technology in Kindergarten $3,760.00 7/12/16
Kathleen HS Social Studies Don't worry, Be Happy!!! $69.79 9/29/16
Leila G. Davis Elementary School Science DUKE- Project Conservation $960.00 11/29/16
George Jenkins HS Mathematics Eagle to Eagle Tutoring $500.00 9/22/16
Hunt, James S Elementary Language Arts Eating Up the Alphabets $455.66 3/28/16
SOUTH PLANTATION HIGH Special Needs Students Economy of Excellence--Teaching Young ESE Adults About Financial Literacy $593.00 4/13/14
Woodlawn Elementary Other Educational Opportunities Tour $750.00 3/20/17
Wiles Elementary School Language Arts ELA and Writing Preparation- Florida Ready Resources $543.68 12/08/16
Wiles Elementary School Language Arts ELA Engagement - Florida Ready Teacher Toolbox
funded grant
Bartow Elem. Acad. Technology Electronic Portfolios for Students $255.00 9/09/16
Cross Creek School Special Needs Students Enhance Classroom Environment/Social SkillsI $0.00 12/16/14
Dania ELEMENTARY Special Needs Students Fall into Reading $50.00 10/16/15
Berkley Elementary Science First Grade Science FUN! $331.31 8/28/16
Forest Lakes Elementary School Special Needs Students Flexible Thinking for Academic Success $175.00 1/23/17
Osceola Middle School Mathematics Focus Days with Q Ba Maze $374.85 9/30/16
Lealman Intermediate School Other Food Lab Intro: Soups and Stocks $500.00 1/29/16
Citrus Ridge: A Civics Academy Technology Forever Blue $500.00 9/28/16
Seminole High School Social Studies From Video Games to Reading Gaines $632.75 8/09/16
Lakewood High School Mathematics FSA Celebration $500.00 1/13/16
Melrose Elementary School Language Arts FTBS - Liven Up The Library With Color! $92.90 8/19/16
Bauder Elementary School Language Arts FTBS- School Supplies $100.00 8/15/16
PLANTATION HIGH Technology Fund a Flight! $1,785.00 10/25/13
Park Ridge ELEMENTARY Science Garden Fund $925.00 12/14/14